Proudly Serving DFW since 1983

Quality, Efficient, Exceptional Service

Alpha Pool Service is your swimming pool’s full service maintenance, repair, remodel, and new construction company. We are located at 1103 Keller Parkway Suite 303, Keller Texas 76182. We are dedicated to great customer service, and providing our customers with quality work and service at a fair price.

We have a fully staffed office ready to take your call and answer your questions. If we do not have the answer, we will find the answer. We understand the importance of communication, and responding to customers in a timely manner. 



Our Repair Technicians are highly trained. We properly diagnose the problem, and then repair it correctly. We work closely with manufacturers, and we are a manufacturer warranty service company for most of the major brands of swimming pool equipment. We can perform a proper leak detection, correctly repair your pool heater, or install a new salt system or wireless control system. We currently do repairs for several other service and pool construction companies.

Our electronically tracked Service Technicians are certified in water chemistry. We utilize a program that transmits back to our office the chemical readings, services performed, noted problems, and progress along their routes. Our routes are scheduled! Unless there is a vehicle, medical, or severe weather issue, we service our customers as scheduled. We have a Service Manager that routinely checks our routes and handles any known issues or concerns with our customers.

Our Remodel and New Construction department is dedicated to answering your questions and meeting your needs. We can build your pool, outdoor kitchen, cabana, patio, or even fire pit. What ever you need, we can probably do it for you.


History of Alpha Pool Service

We have loyal customers that have been on our weekly service since the 1980’s. Originally, under the name of “Crystal Pool Chemical”, we only offered weekly chemical maintenance. In 1997 we merged with another swimming pool company “Alpha Pool Service”, and assumed the “Alpha” name. Alpha brought expertise in electrical, plumbing, and many other aspects of swimming pool repair and maintenance.

Frank, and his lovely wife Jacque Disher are the owners of Alpha Pool Service. They both grew up in Keller, where they met in school. They understand they are extremely blessed by each employee and every customer. It is one of their greatest desires to be good stewards, and in turn be a blessing to their employees and customers. 

Frank was a licensed electrician and had worked on swimming pool equipment since the early 1980’s. One day, while performing a repair on a swimming pool light for a customer, she asked Frank if he did weekly maintenance on swimming pools. Frank told the customer “No ma’am, I only do electrical work…. motors, controls, lights, and things like that”. The customer then told him “That’s a shame, I need to find someone new. My service company sent a new guy out that was wearing one of those work release ankle things, and I have no idea who he is, or what he has done.” That was very disturbing to Frank.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, and looking into who the competition would be, Frank decided to see exactly what it would take to start a swimming pool service company. He found that there was absolutely no requirements on who can service or work on residential swimming pools, and there was no minimum knowledge required. That was even more disturbing. So Frank decided to contact swimming pool equipment and product manufacturers to find out as much as he could about their products. He did what he thought a responsible business owner would do. He spent the next couple of years attending classes, and seminars on swimming pool products. He learned about plumbing and hydraulics, water chemistry, swimming pool heaters, controls, plasters, tile, and many other swimming pool related subjects. He collected certification after certification. He even became certified as a “Certified Pool Operator Instructor”. A Certified Pool Operator certification is required to service commercial swimming pools in many municipalities. Frank was qualified to teach the classes for this certification.

After attending many of these classes, Frank felt comfortable opening his service company. He, along with some of his employees, still attended several classes every year to stay on top of new technology. It became apparent to him that he saw the same few responsible business owners at all the classes. There were at least a 150 swimming pool service companies in the DFW area, but he would only see the same 8 to 12 local pool service men over and over. Frank strongly supported the state licensing for repairmen that work on electrical swimming pool equipment. Most of his colleagues were strongly opposed to any licensing. After seeing many unsafe and unprofessional issues since being in the business, Frank understands that there must be some level of protection for consumers. Frank also supports any future licensing and required training for swimming pool professionals.

As his customer base grew, so did the list of horror stories he would hear from customers about previous pool service companies. Horrible service, missed appointments, service men disappearing and never showing up again, ridiculously costly repairs that were still not repaired correctly, rude irresponsible behavior from servicemen, and many other unbelievable stories. Frank listened to these customers. He promised himself that he would do everything he could to ensure that his customers would never be able to speak about him, the way they spoke about these other companies. He insists that all customers be treated fairly, and all reasonable effort be made make and keep them satisfied.

In 1997 Frank met the owner of Crystal Pool Chemical. Crystal was a chemical pool service only company. Frank realized that only chemically servicing a swimming pool is a disservice for most customers. A pool must have good filtration and circulation, as well as good water chemistry and properly functioning equipment. So Frank orchestrated Crystal and Alpha becoming one company and increased the level and scope of service to all the existing customers.

With the increased customer base Alpha Pool Service was forced to expand into leak detection and remodel to better serve our customers. With our knowledge of what becomes an issue with swimming pools, we are now able to use that knowledge to assist customers in new swimming pool construction. We can now build you a pool, cabana, outdoor kitchen, patios, and practically anything else you may want in your back yard.

We are your one stop back yard and swimming pool company.

Alpha Pools is now building Splash Pads and Spray Grounds throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area, including: Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Trophy Club, Roanoke, Flower Mound, Coppell, Fort Worth, Haslet, Hurst, Bedford, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Dallas, Irving.